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Playoff & Standing Rules


3 points for a win
1 points for a tie
0 point for a loss

For a forfeit * a score of 2-0 will be awarded to the winning team

At the end of Regular Season Play:

In the event of a tie within the standings the higher ranking will be awarded by:

1) the game results between the tied teams (one team wins more games)
2) the team with the largest plus/minus (+ scores are higher)
3) the team who scored the most goals in all league games (GF in standing)
4) a game will be scheduled to decide the higher ranking (winner is ranked higher)

Playoff Games

All recreational teams make the first round of playoffs.


All games are a 1 game knock out and a winner must be declared.

A tie at the end of regulation time will result in 2 equal halves of 10 minutes (Golden Goal).
Golden Goal: first team to score wins the game

If a tie after the overtime, a 5 player shoot-out will occur.
5 Player Shoot-out: shooters must be selected from the field of play at the end of playing time (no substitutions), teams will alternate kicks, shooting order will be given to the referee

If a tie after the 5 Player Shoot-out, a Golden Goal shoot out will continue (1 for 1).

All players on the field at the end of playing time MUST shoot before any player on the bench.

Every player MUST shoot before a player shoots for a second time.

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