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All Games are played on August 18 at the Jamboree
Only U9 Games
Amelia-A is where the boys will be playing and Amelia-B is where the girls will be playing
Time Field Referee
9:00 Amelia-A
10:15 Amelia-A
11:30 Amelia-A Owen Mancari
12:45 Amelia-A Owen Mancari
2:00 Amelia-A
3:15 Amelia-A Owen Mancari
9:00 Amelia-B Carli Hemsworth
10:15 Amelia-B Carli Hemsworth
11:30 Amelia-B Kean Bourdon
12:45 Amelia-B Kean Bourdon
2:00 Amelia-B Carli Hemsworth
3:15 Amelia-B Kean Bourdon
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