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Refresher Course


Referee Bag

Sometimes it is a good item to have the following items with you:

                A whistle

                Your Cards (red and yellow)

                Your Flags


                Coin for a toss

                A large plastic garbage bag in case of rain (large enough to put your backpack in to stay dry)

                Paper in case you need to write down important information

                The FIFA Law book – District has requested some for the new people

                The North Bay Youth Soccer Rules and Regulations

                Ball pump in case the game ball provided is low on air

                Watch or timing device

                White medical tape



Game Time

You should be arriving at the field at least 10 minutes before your scheduled game time to ensure the nets are secured and the field is safe for play.  You should be walking the field length to ensure there are no dangerous items that can hurt someone.  Please start the games on time.  Some fields do not have lights so when a game starts late there is a risk that it can get too dark before the game has finished.  If you are stating the game late, the reason for the late start must be listed on the game card in the place provided.  If it is a serious issue than a Special Incident report should be filled out.


Game Cards

They need to be handed into the office or at the box within 48 hours of the game being completed.  When in play off week, scores need to be sent into the office that evening through Facebook messenger, email or a voicemail.


Fill out game cards in full

                Date – Make sure it is correct

Team Names



Who scored – all divisions even if no scores or standing as we use these for making teams the following year

Referee and any assistant referees

Cards (Yellow and Red)

If you show a yellow or red card the proper paper work must be filled out.  You cannot show a card unless you plan on carrying through the complete process by completing the proper paper work.   The paper work must be sent into the office within 48 hours.  The documents can be found on the website under the Referee tab and then Referee Forms.  The time lines are very important as the person being charged has the right to view the charge and the document and they are limited in the time they have to challenge the report.

Special Incident Report

 If you need to report something out of the ordinary, such as an injury, spectators getting out of hand, etc please use the Special Incident report.  This too needs to be handed in the office within 48 hours.  The documents can be found on the website under the Referee tab and then Referee Forms. 


Assistant Referees

Please remember you are more than just there to call the ball going out and offside.  If you see a foul put up your flag and let the centre referee know what occurred.

Equipment Check

Line the players up on the touch line and check the equipment to make sure shin guards, no jewelry, etc

Jewellery - Law 4

Equipment checks should be done at the start of every game to ensure the players are wearing shin guards and not wearing something that can harm themselves or others.  All jewellery including earrings, chains, watches, fitbits, ropes on wrists, etc must be removed, it cannot be taped over, if there is tape you must ask the player to remove the tape and if there is jewellery under the tape that needs to be removed also.  Jewellery includes stud earrings, studs need to be removed even if the piercing was just done they need to come out.  The only thing that is allowed to stay on is a medical alert.  The medical alert must be taped tight to wrist or to the chest with surgical tape (white stuff as sweat proof) so it does not move around.  Do NOT cover the medical alert information itself. 


Confirming your Games

The schedule is posted to the website on Thursday morning the week before.  It is expected that you will review the schedule and confirm your games either by phone, email, or Facebook message. 

Number on Jerseys

Please make sure each shirt has a number, even if it is just tape on the back of the shirt.  Some uniforms have been ordered and not yet come in so the players will be wearing a t-shirt of a similar colour to the team in the mean time.


The club has a Facebook group just for referees where important information is posted such as rain outs, when cheques are ready, little reminders of rules, or when a rule change is made, etc.  Please join the group so you don’t miss out on the information.  The group is NBYSC Referee

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